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Photo journalism tells a story in pictures with little or no words .
tree implossion

 Videography services: On demand professional video service from social events video to complex comercial and industrial video recordings on site or off site locations worldwide with best videographers using state of the art single to multiple camera equipments

Photo journalism : A picture is worth a thousand words on demand writers combine skilled eyes to present most effective picture that convey message in a capsul to bring events to the mass media in prints and electronic media to capture a unique moment that tells the story in pictures with little or no words.

tree event2

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State of the art video equipment

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Nikon cameras are some of the world's best

tree implossion tn
students gather to observe a tree implossion phenomenon

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nature streams

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Christening ceremony at the Basilica

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It is all about ho

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mind your business settling scores

Image 3-8
Isaac and the peacock at turtleback zoo

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two sisters